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Reported over 1000 users.

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trugger103.92K • 27 Mar 2012, 05:13
It's so beautiful! I shall polish it every daybiggrin
k1ng_rulz165.61K • 07 May 2012, 17:43
At last i got it....yeah its the best achievement unlocked for me too :)
KatStar51.68K • 08 Feb 2012, 07:19
this is the best achievement unlocked for me:)

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Trige68.07K • 10 October 2014, 11:57 Show comment
Wow! Finally got it.. The best cheevo on KAT! biggrin

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Acesn8s88.88K • 29 March 2014, 04:26 Show comment
this kills me how staff members, mods and admins get this achievment after there premoted. y does such members report spammers anyway ? they have tools to remove fakers & spammers from site immediately lol must b a gimme 4 Mods and above. Since there is acheivments only mods and above can get they shouldn't b allowed getting this and to allow it is totally rediculous as its 4 reporting members 4 spam and such members have no business reporting anything with the tools they have.

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Lancelot231.11K • 07 April 2014, 02:17 Show comment
Most got it before they were mods, others get it while they're Helpers, or they get it when time is taken off and they go temporarily Elite, which then they still choose to help and report.
Only 16 of the current 32 mods and above who qualify towards what you claim, have this achievement. No one has been abusing it.

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Wolverine187723.68K • 11 March 2014, 00:57 Show comment
Still my favorite cheevo :)
ScubaLoo18.7K • 09 February 2014, 03:56 Show comment
Wow....I just realised I was the ninth person to get this (not counting the site bot cause it cheats)biggrin
Dr.YeTii282.88K • 02 February 2014, 03:14 Show comment
Sh** just got a whole lot harder now.
Devils-Reaper57.05K • 28 January 2014, 10:07 Show comment
Just got the best Achievement on
axe-1100.37K • 28 January 2014, 16:46 Show comment
Well done!!!winkbiggrin
ELDuderion5657 • 25 January 2014, 13:47 Show comment
Just earned mined!biggrin It was a lot of work, but worth it. Anything to keep KAT free from vermin.huffy
MiracleBoy9877 • 24 January 2014, 01:16 Show comment
Yes I earned it smilebootongue
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