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[Android] Sygic Aura Navigator v11.0.2 With Maps Downloader (Size: 6.17 MB)
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Sygic Aura Navigator v11.0.2 Maps(with .Apk)

Requirements: Android v2.0.1 - 2.3.3

Overview: Premium turn-by-turn GPS navigation app.

(Official Update: JUNE 23, 2011)

What's in this version(v11.0.2):
? New regions: Azerbaijan, Pakistan, South Africa, West & Central Africa, Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia
? Large part of Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) added. Complete translation coming soon.
? Improved stability on Samsung and HTC devices
? Running on devices without SIM card


Files included:[LIST=1]
.Apk (v11.02)
sygic maps downloader

Installation Instructions:
*download the Base files and the maps using Sygic downloader
(Path: /sdcard/aura and /sdcard/aura/maps)

Download Base Files(v11.0.2)
Download .Apk(v11.0.2)
Download any number of desired maps
Unrar/unzip all the downloaded files in your computer
Now connect your phone in USB Storage Mode to the computer
If your phone has limited memory, you will have to follow the instructions for storing Maps in the External SD card
If you do not have enough memory in your phone(not the root of your device, root of phone memory; gosh I still can't figure out a way to explain this difference between phone memory and external sd card memory cleary), now is the time to switch to instructions for installing the files to External SD card if your phone/device/internal memory is small, or you just wish to store the maps in your External SD card/memory card, see the next set of instructions. If you have a large phone/device/internal memory, please continue.
Now copy the base files(folder 'AURA') to your phone's memory
After copying the base files to the phone, you will find a folder named 'AURA' and inside it the folders 'MAPS' and 'RES' and a couple of files
Now, copy the maps(map folder name must be, for eg., 'can.ta.2013.01' and not 'Canada' to the folder 'MAPS' inside the folder 'AURA'
After copying all files, disconnect from the computer and install the .apk(v11.0.2) in your device
Close after installation and run the Sygic Downloader(not Sygic)
It will connect to the internet and verify your files and maps
It might download a small amount of data(150KB) and flash a message that it has been successfully ungraded. If it doesn't, don't worry about it
Close Sygic Downloader, and launch 'Sygic'. You should be able to start navigating without any problem.

Install/store maps to External SD card/memory card: (Path: /external_sd/aura and /external_sd/aura/maps)

[COLOR=#a9a9a9]In the computer, move all contents except database.xml and base-is-ok.txt from Aura folder on the internal phone memory to a folder called Aura on the external sd card. So after this process, on the internal phone memory, there should be a folder called Aura with 2 files in it: database.xml and base-is-ok.txt and on the external sd card in the Aura folder should be all the files needed by Sygic(Maps, Res, etc).

[COLOR=#a9a9a9]Make a back-up copy of database.xml then open it with Notepad editor. You will see that the file is pretty consistent. While in Notepad press CRTL+H and the find and replace option appears.

[COLOR=#a9a9a9]In the field write:Aura/
[COLOR=#a9a9a9]In the field write:external_sd/Aura/

[COLOR=#a9a9a9]Now press then Save the file (CTRL+S).
[COLOR=#A9A9A9]Simply follow steps 1 to 10 from the above 'Instructions for installing the Maps', but copy the files and folders to your External SD instead of the Internal/phone memory.(If this somehow doesn't work for you, please follow the "greyed-out" steps).
Disconnect storage from PC and start Sygic GPS Navigation. The program should start with no problem.
Make sure not to start the Sygic Downloader application.
If you want new maps you have to start the process all over again.
If something goes wrong and your Sygic GPS Navigation application is not working or you just want to go to default program folders you can always delete the Aura folder from internal phone memory and external sd card but be aware you'll lose all the downloaded maps.
You may also move the content of Aura folder on the external sd card back to Aura folder on the internal phone memory, [COLOR=#a9a9a9]delete database.xml file, restore the back-up file and everything should be fine.

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