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There is probably a million insects in the word, even more. I think that some of them look really scary and disgusting(is that the point?)

They can be poisonus and even good for you. Were i live we have house spiders, that is a good thing. That means that there is no mould in the house and its healthy.

What insects do you have?

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AhrimanThorn28.36K • 14 Jul 2012, 16:38
Insects are the unsung heroes of our ecosystem; they are the workers that keep the machine that is planet Earth running. They pollinate and take care of waste disposal as well as being a source of nutrition for many other species who could not survive without them. The much hated Cockroach is one of the great survivors and should the unthinkable happen and a nuclear war ravages our world it is the Cockroaches with their natural immunity to radiation that will become the masters of the ruins that are left behind.

My favourite insect in Britain is the Peacock Butterfly. These beautiful creatures used to fill my garden when I was a child. (I had a large rambling garden) And unlike many species of butterfly that live for only a few days the peacock can live for up to Eleven months. (Hibernating in the winter)
SirSeedsAlot96.99K • 14 Jul 2012, 16:20
When I see insects i see the most perfectly engineered creatures (yes, engineered. It's difficult to accept that shit happened by accident or by chance). They are just incredibly functional and resilient and seem to be the overseers of nature providing a necessary balance.

Not sure what insects I have but my crotch sure is itchy...
TheShow14.36K • 14 Jul 2012, 16:29
I have ants in my pants titter

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Nekko400 • 15 July 2012, 23:23 Show comment
Not quite sure what this little critter is, but they've been infecting the townsfolk near my city in the local towns. Every now and then the people just drop whatever they are doing and walk into the nearest large body of water in a trance-like state, and drown. I'm pretty sure it's a parasite actually, because it attaches to the brain beside the brain stem, and upon the death of the host it pushes itself slowly through the mouth (as seen in the picture taken by the local coroner) to find a new host. Not sure what they are and the government is in a panic. Several locations have been placed under quarantine but they are unsure how these things get around or how they manage to enter their hosts unnoticed, so the quarantines are relatively ineffective. From what I do know, the highest propagation of incidents occur near coastal cities, but I found that out through local sources because of the media blackout...
Maya-C1028 • 16 July 2012, 00:13 Show comment
scariest f'ing thing EVER!
SirSeedsAlot96.99K • 16 July 2012, 00:57 Show comment
but it's fake..if you want sick i can show you sick!! and it's real sick!!
kanada6232 • 15 July 2012, 11:23 Show comment
black widow spiders
nasty little fuckers
Leathalscope569 • 15 July 2012, 09:58 Show comment
Attack of the killer bedbugstitter
..X..5273 • 15 July 2012, 08:33 Show comment
when will your questions end???
PiratMas19.87K • 15 July 2012, 08:54 Show comment
When they reach 365
..X..5273 • 15 July 2012, 09:25 Show comment
you shall do it on 365,or i will let away brads horse...lollollol
Smittech114.44K • 15 July 2012, 08:16 Show comment
Bugs are creepy! I had a dream one time that I was stepping on ants ( I was a kid then) and all of a sudden a dark shadow came upon me. I looked up and it was a giant ant leg fixing to squish me. Yikes!!! Yes, they are creepyfunk
ScubaLoo18.85K • 15 July 2012, 06:17 Show comment
I have one head lice and three scabies. Snookums, Mr tinkles and paul.
PiratMas19.87K • 15 July 2012, 04:20 Show comment
Thank you for the answers. :)
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