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in an effort to cure my own boredom i came up with an idea, im going to post a picture to which you all have to provide a funny caption to go with it, i will post them at random so be ready!
please dont post your own pictures or it will become a free for all and possibly just consist of equine content... you know who you are :P

people with permission to post new pictures


please only quote/post the pictures that i post or have asked people to post. i dont want this thread becoming a free for all, cheers :)

If you have more than one caption keep it in 1 post

R.I.P Unionjack_Laughing Fox693 you will be missed

if you have a comment deleted its because im cleaning the thread, captions only please!

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Cannybearsed1260 Uploader
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The South African rugby team were unsure what a prop forward was until now!!lol
Shuvayu760 Uploader
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Look. we can land airplane everywhere.
steveosafc15.33K Super User
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i know we South African's didn't do to good at London 2012 but i think this new running training program is a bit much for Rio 2016....

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dunky769681 Uploader
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To avoid long queue's at check-in, Kenyan Airways introduces the Hop on - Hop off service.
TimeBandits60.59K Super User
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When they volunteered as extras for the new Expendables film,
they didn't realise Sylvester Stallone would really be flying the plane!!!lol

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TimeBandits60.59K Super User
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This is ethnic cleansing the Expendables way!lol
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PiratMas19.74K Former Translator
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Mommy is so proud of my bird that i cought today so now i deserve a break.
dunky769681 Uploader
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Korean casserole recipes: Step 1. Preparing the meat.
UltraRound85.38K KAT Elite Mod
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This cat is very intelligent and as such has a very elongated head wink

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