If you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute and landed in the ocean. Would you live?

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^^. Im curious.
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Not to worry...I would bounce all the way to an Island with beautiful girls with lots of sandwiches.
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Not to worry...I would bounce all the way to an Island with beautiful girls with lots of sandwiches.
Only to find out that Darius had beaten you there, and all the sandwiches were gone, and the women were too tired to play anymore.lollol
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Well...that sucks..!
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From a large enough height, you would not survive. I've jumped off an approximately 60' cliff into a lake and as long as you know how to hit the water, you are ok.
However, from a high enough fall, the water might as well be solid concrete thanks to the surface tension. Even if you could get into a proper position for entering the water, the force of the impact would most likely break your legs, and hip, and possible ram your legs up into your abdomen and chest cavity.
However, if you were somehow able to land in a place where the surface tension of the water is broken, then theoretically, you might be able to survive. However, as seen on Mythbusters, simply throwing a rock or something before your land would not do the job.

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ahhh, i see you're getting ready for a holiday flown by a budget airline. Well it depends where you jump out, you might jump out and get sucked into the airplane engine, so you might reach the ocean in pieces

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No. The speed plus the density of the water would make it feel as if your body was hitting concrete. You die. Then again, what's the altitude?

Temperature is a major determinant of water density. As water cools, it contracts, and thus density increases. At 4 degrees Celsius, water reaches its maximum density, however, and with further cooling density decreases. The solid form of water--ice--is actually less dense than the liquid form, the effects of which are easily observed with ice cubes floating in a glass of water or ice chunks on the surface of a lake. So theoretically it would hurt less to slam into an Ice covered lake than it would to splash into a 4* Celsius-Centigrade Lake(39.2 degrees Fahrenheit)lol

Im guessing you never played ice hockey, im pretty sure at any height it hurts to hit solid water ;p

I Grew up in Canada eh!!! Played on a few Lakes too!!!!and actually Scuba dived in one-Frozen!!!. will post Pic Later...
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Unless you hit the water running..lol
I reckon your heart would give up way long before you get your toes wet..!
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Short answer is no..cry
But why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane in the first place ??

agreed with BlueLady2371 here and to further her point... why would you do that without a parachute? shocked unless the plane was on fire... or had run out of fuel... or it had snakes on it... but other than that, WHY?
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I wonder if you curled up into a ball you could produce a barnes wallace bouncing bomb effect ?

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