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As you'll are aware of the new Kickass Trend and the hit of the month Do You want a Native American (Indian) Name? V2. Our dear KAT user RiverCoyote40.04K started this project and many users liked it and made it successful. And as a result the month of "JULY" will be celebrated/called as the "Native American Month".


But the main cause of this new thread is to maintain a list of users who got their "Native American (Indian) Names".......

RiverCoyote40.04K - "RiverCoyote"
tyr14537 - "Breaks The Ice"
thebatman0 - "Rides the Storm"
Smittech107.89K - "Carries the Load"
SirSeedsAlot92.22K - "Fights with Spirits"
Bayfia21.32K - "Walks in Dreams"
SonOfWinds5202 - "Follows the Cloud"
PiratMas19.77K - "Sings with Heart"
Surfer992281 - "Pulls the Litter"
wrong user link - "Dancing Otter"
wrong user link - "Walks in Clouds"
PsychoKittn312 - "Carries the Water"
wrong user link - "Chases the Deer"
ScubaLoo18.67K - "Standing Elk"
kateri2349 - "Tames the Bear"
Wolftatt25498 - "Wounded Bear"
Suicide_King100.69K - "Broken Lance"
RyPeR2517 - "Shakes the Earth"
wrong user link - "Brings the Light"
wrong user link - "Sings with Owls"
Swegin8r9788 - "Leaping Fox"
SkyMtn67.01K - "Find the Trail"
LisaLeo93.21K - "Fair Flute Woman"
little D7506 - "Cradles the Fawn"
AhrimanThorn27.85K - "Moves like Cat"
wrong user link - "Hunts the Deer"
RonthePirate668.12K - "Works with Hands"
rayge475 - "Many Bloods"
wrong user link - "Restless Wolf"
Evil Boy™17.19K - "Talks with Fists"
wrong user link - "Watches Fools"
Unionjack_Laughing Fox693 - "Laughing Fox"
wrong user link - "Plays With Cubs"
Rgeneb15215 - "Fighting Dog"
r00tH4cK3r46.22K - "Keeps the Fire"
wrong user link - "Many Feathers"
johnnykat0 - "Strong Medicine"
pakipc-8368 - "Fills the Hole"
wrong user link - "Wandering Doe"
bikers1235107 - "Watches the Crow"
flynner196046 - "Sees the Enemy"
wrong user link - "Many Layers"
ScrubJ1317 - "Many Smiles"
jOhNy5iSaLiVe328 - "Needs A Clue"
jazz_singh16.55K - "Makes the Knife"
Deztructor44.19K - "Never Sleeps"
dunky769684 - "Many Roots"
hunniboo11.25K - "Makes Dreams"
wrong user link - "Many Arrows"
TheShow14.25K - "Hears The Eagle"
quecarajo14.58K - "Tames Wild Bear"
wrong user link - "Many Ears"
Bubanee146.18K - "Grey Fox"
magicpotions64.72K - "Sees The Tree"
Kjus15.88K - "Leaping Water"
wrong user link - "Many Moons"
BroBe4132 - "Fears None"
deepak12803932 - "Flowing Stream"
Maf147214 - "Makes Bows"
Darshay5925 - "Wounded Buffalo"
smr00831912 - "Kills the Badger"
ajroberts4446 - "Walking Crow"
trojan_61111764 - "Stirs the Coals"
kaede_rock856 - "Gliding Hawk"
rena1312.65K - "Star Eyes"
Al3xander2819 - "Small Paw"
wrong user link - "Laughs at Enemy"
wrong user link - "Carries the Staff"
wrong user link - "Many Bead Woman"
lolguy261178 - "Soars with Wings"
BexMan4437 - "Hears the Snow"
EDGE3263 - "Tracks the Fox"
rdmart1671 - "Gathers the Sage"
luckygrrrl1061 - "Little Willow"
blackwolf05784077 - "Shows no Pain"
mindbender25257 - "Many Visions"
wongboonkiat1620 - "Runs with Deer"
JfiSG1nG3381 - "Hears the Drums"
IAreKyleW00t103 - "Dancing Horse"
wrong user link - "Stands in Storm"
wrong user link - "Running Horse"
Bashyboi443 - "Wandering Cub"
NepsterJay22.88K - "Grey Squirrel"
crackerjax4211863 - "Many Moccasins"
wrong user link - "Morning Dove"
Flash4505222 - "Jeffrey Hardhead"
msreyes2198 - "Cries no More"
DancingRaven3655 - "Dancing Raven"
Cariad10.73K - "Singing Willow"
Nikkita65702 - "Stands her Ground"
Irving_Gekko689 - "Breaks Horses"
Rorschach6478 - "Makes a Nest"
navywifeokc209 - "Singing Heart"
Yoshi420x2060 - "Spirit Man"
TwoDimes120 - "Fights Shadows"
Chew0 - "Builds The Dam"
wee_wiwie18.16K - "Dancing Rabbit"
wrong user link - "Many Fires"
pbs4134983 - "Seeks Medicine"
aashiq7863170 - "Running Fox"
wrong user link - "Beats the Drum"
Contradiction1001 - "Sees the Songs"
wrong user link - "Many Eyes"
wrong user link - "Wandering Coyote"
calcifer3212989 - "Pipe Maker"
Eppo71.03K - "Sleeping Wolf"
SteRipper5895 - "Crooked Arrow"
Ubalanceret1864 - "Speaks of Dreams"
maximalla20.49K - "Charging Doe"
420weedman44.47K - "Seas the Dreams"
wrong user link - "No Shadows"
Alisyn76 - "One Moccasin"
SwtLissa3066 - "She Bear"
missix84.3K - "Tracks the Wolf"
wrong user link - "Lone Doe"
LouieTheLou1182 - "Singing Wolf"
wrong user link - "Broken Horn"
wrong user link - "Stands Tall"
wrong user link - "Soaring Eagle"
BlueEyedDevil14 - "Crooked Wing"
tspresley66 - "Guards the Nest"

* Bayfia21.32K - "Walks in Dreams"

Native Language Version: Niigaanosekwe Bawaajigan


This thread has been created by me and approved by RiverCoyote40.04K (he loved the idea) so that everyone can see each others names at a place, and to display the purity and sanity of the names.

P.S. If you don't have a name get it here.........Do You want a Native American (Indian) Name? V2. If you can't find your name in the above list then just leave a post and I'll add it in due time but take a good look in the list.

Old Thread: Do You Want A Native American (Indian) Name?

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Nice Thread!!!
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Nice Thread!!!

thanks :)
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Good idea
RiverCoyote40.04K KAT Elite Mod
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Good idea
I second that motion! tyr1...aka Breaks The Ice was one of my first supporters of this idea! If it weren't for his support and input on this idea, it never would've happened!
Pick_n_Roll20.99K Uploader
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Samps, great work putting this thread together. With all the names in one place it is amazing to see how busy "coyo" has been working in the spirit world...He must also have seen the size of that chicken!! (movie quote reference hee hee)

never mind loltittertongue
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Good work samps. Very nice.
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Nice work , love it lovelinesssmile
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Nice work wrong user link ! smilesmile

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