KickassTorrent appreciation thread! Yay!

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zombicidal1866 Uploader
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bumpidy bump bump bumplol
PiratMas19.78K Former Translator
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you outdone your selves KAT biggrin
osirisgothra1776 Uploader
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I exist, and I am here to say I appriciate the site and it's layout. It's one of the few that was probably not authored by a script + handful of variables. I am putting some stuff in the suggestion box (icyww: color schemes other than brown, stylish is nice but not everyone's browser has an easy css-switching addon/plugin -- not to mention css switching is technically reverse engineering, even though just a small amount of it)
Smittech108.46K Forum Moderator
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Oh Holy Grail One of KAT, yes we appreciate thee. (And all the members that make each and everyone of us feel at home away from home). I salute Thee
Extinction196 User
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Thanks again KAT! wink
TaDo198113 Uploader
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Great torrent site, the files are great and page itself is very interactive biggrin
isla2123825 Uploader
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I totally agree. This is the best site. Can't say thanx enough!!!
ohyesitwill6694 Translator
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and also thank you to the great Kat team, working hard to keep this wonderful site the best torrent site in the world

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Cruelsumit373 Uploader
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Kickass is the best and it rules
mimingman04127 Uploader
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Best community, best torrent site and happt to be a part of it! Thanks to all staff who keep this site up and runing, and all users and su's for help and general awsomeness!

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