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KAT RULES do not allow you to ask for cracks keygens and patches in open threads
please be careful how you word your requests here,thanx
Okay if you need new software just tell me and i'll try to find it !
Sorry i dont have to much time lately so i cant reply tp everyone message, just help each other out

ok people as i have posted before no asking for cracks,patches etc.
also no external links these are kat rules for threads all such posts will be removed and the poster may receive stronger action ,now you all are pirates i know you know how to deal with this through pm!
thanx zeke23

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have got dreamweaver cs4 but can't upload as yet pm me
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A cracked version of a software that allows you to recover corrupted pictures from a flash drive. :D

If the flash drive isn't being recognized, you're toast. If you can still see the drive but the files are corrupt DO NOT MAKE ANY NEW FILES ON THAT DRIVE. You might overwrite the sectors where the old files existed. Try the following:

Find out the drive letter of the flash drive.

Open up a dos window by running "cmd"

use chkdsk on the drive letter of your flash drive. Any broken files will be saved as something like Filechk.001 or something (can't remember - and I'm on a mac right now so I can't really test chkdsk).

Anyway, if you know what type of files got destroyed rename the check files. For example, if you know they were pictures just rename them to end with .jpg and see if you can view them.

I don't remember but chkdsk might make those check files "hidden" or at least in a hidden folder. So you'll have to turn on "show hidden files/folders".

Hope that helped even in the slightest.
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can you hook me up with yankee-clipperX 1.0????
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Look through this stuff, the best in the world
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I'm looking for a virus free version of Photoshop....


Hopefully you're looking for a virus free version of any/everything!..LoL

The link to Blazes library posted by Art is perfect, but a couple things to consider..

PC specs?... make sure your comp can handle CS4 before you DL it..

Make sure you arent getting "false positives" from any versions you have already DL'd, for example most keygens and cracks will cause your AV software to give you a false virii warning...the 2 most common AV programs that do this are AVG and Nortons.... I recommend either NOD32, Malwarebytes or Kaspersky ...there are other decent one out there, but those three are the most popular...
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I would like to be able to download the files necessary to make replica DVD discs with, not these convertx ones that I am currently making.

Is there something else I should be looking for instead of .avi files??? I mean they work great, but I want the info to make a disc that plays like an original disc does...

I tried a DVD ripper, and it rips off a bunch of stuff that I can then make a copy of my own discs with, but why would i copy something i already own? I would like to download the same stuff that is ripped from other discs so I can add to my collection. any help is appreaciated.

This is a great app that does what I think your asking, the link just goes to slysofts website, you can find a TON of people sharing the app if you search here at KaT or wherever you prefer to DL...
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Your looking for files uploaded in DVD Archival format

UMMM... KaT isnt catagorized that way so my apologies to KaT... heres a catagory you might be looking for..
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LoL...I hope... Just remember you're still making a copy and as a resukt some quality will be lost... What I was doing with ConvertX was only burning H264/MKV files, basically Hi-Def and they come out pretty decent... better than the normal AVI RiPs....

Let me know if you have any questions, I dont know if I'll have the answers, but I have burned a TON of different formats over the years....
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a piece of software that will sort all the music/tracks that i have got to the same quality, i hate the feeling when im out listening to my ipod and suddenly the volume has gone up without me touching it.

Ive resulted in holding it now when im on the bus just to skip the tracks.

Thx for any help there may be.

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Virus free and fully working Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005....after I get that I'll need to know how to get it on my PC :D.

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