When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye!

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Bubanee151.97K KAT`s Original Spy
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I notice a lot of people come and go and say hello or goodbye all over the place or Neither...

So when ya log in and you feel like saying Hello....
And the same for saying Goodbye! :)

Please Do!..
I'll be the first and say Hello.. but i am going for awhile so it's Goodbye from me and you all behave now
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flashyteatz4038 Uploader
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see you later my lil alligators!lollol
Bayfia21.88K KAT Elite Mod
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Okay, I'm finally off to bed! See y'all tomorrow! (Hopefully) smile
stonerbob5630 Uploader
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Hey All big hello from stonerboblol
byond-cmpare314 User
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Good Morning....
CountryStorm143 Uploader
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Good Mornin' Everyone
zombicidal1871 Uploader
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Mornin Peepsbiggrin
ohyesitwill6853 Translator
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Time to go to bed, i think the race to report the sport stream users is finished for today, see u all tomorow, one more time.
L3GeNd_200011.26K Former Translator
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Hello :)
suspect99261 Uploader
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ya rite ill do what u say ...goof
Bayfia21.88K KAT Elite Mod
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Well folks. The KAT site has a leak in the bottom of the boat. People are starting to run around like crazy looking for pitch, or a lifeboat! I think this is a good time for me to "exit ... stage left" ... Good night. See you all tomorrow! lolbiggrin

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