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If you could find me a copy of Saint Odd (Odd Thomas #7)
by Dean Koontz, Please biggrin Any format will do but epub would be a bonus ^_^
Its my release, Its my way of coping with life and the main reason I'm still here
Im game ^_^ i play most nights 10pm onwards. Could i get a invite please
Thanks ^_^
Could you find me Zom-B Mission And Zom-B Circus please ^_^
I dropped it down a stair well, they were concrete steps :( but is still works just needs new screen and case, but when i was changing the battery i pulled the connectors out and have to send to off to get them fixed
iPhone 3G & iPhone 4 but this is what my iPhone 4 looks like ^_^image
Thanks ^_^
TUNEUP for iTunes that works please ^_^
I was abit wicked off to see my rep drop from around 2500 to 955 cry and i know people are says there only rep points but they are much more than just rep points, to me seeing that another member has good rep points mean that they are trust worthy and/or a active member and take the time to rate and comment on there downloads. And even if they are a uploader it shows that there torrents are also trustable and good. Hope does sort something out for us
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