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After a few years you will be able to function properly again OP, it does wear off a little.
I'm proud of you guys being Irish too.
I just want to point something out. If something has been poorly encoded in a lossy algorithm data is lost. You cannot 'transcode' it to flac and get that information back, it is gone. Like taking a 32bit copy of an 8bit image... It's an 8bit image still, just with 32bit resolution.
edit: plus the extra junk for the encode, the quality can actually only get worse every time you mess with it.

GRAYGHOST, stop with the photo posting that is bashing on america, its not appropriate, or allowed, against the rules, and yes it offends me. thank you.


This might be offensive, or even bashing, if it wasn't so totally true.
okay --- explain this

I actually know where that is (I recognize it from the names of the offramps), but for the life of me I can't explain what happened there.

kinda obvious, truck driving down the road with the tipper up, then one of the Decepticons grabs it and smashes it to bits leaving unexplainable hunks of steel everywhere. (or it just hit the overhead, gotta be sure that tipper's down)
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