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How do you get to the page that you got when you clicked on PROFILE in the old header? Losing a long time friend is ok.
Have been thinking about this and have not found any good advice about this. If I am around, what I do when the net is lost is to first reboot router. Then if that doesn't work, power both boxes off and boot modem, 30 secs later boot router, perhaps pc to reacquire info from router. If that doesn't work call ISP. The question is is there any way to automate that process, including detecting losing the internet?
Also I have manual for modem and occasionally look at stuff there but don't do that very often.
Only way I thought of is modifying the router's code, could but don't want to.
Just in case the question is real "born" = NEE ... Bubba = Bubba, therefore born bubba = nee bubba or in the land down under, bubbanee!!!!!!!nerd
KAT because this is a born bubba place
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Welcome here. BTW I became an IT before there was such a thing. Also teacher going alphabetically through class asking how to spell Worchester, got lazy when he got to me in the middle of the class, and asked me how I would spell it, and I told him. I won detention for the correct answer.
The tut was very well put together and very easy to understand what you were explaining.biggrin
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Look at the first 5 or so posts in this thread. Those stats have not changed. There are 2 different languages, why would anyone want to suppress the translation of one of them. Also what the heck is the purpose of all the arguing about which x is better than which y. That is all BS. Think a lot of those posts should be ripped from the face of the earth.
That isn't true at all. They fund the person they want in office so things will go their way. They use a "cause" as a reason to donate but that's BS. Why do you think "big money" gets into politics? It's not to support a good cause.
What isn't true? BTW the biggest money comes from UNIONS. My description of PACS and Lobbyists is pretty accurate. Think what you said is pretty much the same thing.
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