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I've been at this game a long time now, over 3 decades. I remember fondly having shoe boxes full of floppys for the C64. Cassette tapes littering my room for the Vic-20. Heck even consoles like coleco vision were not immune, I had a contraption that would do a memory dump and record the cartridge to a floppy disk. I used to work at a media replication facility which gave me access to software before it hit the market... sadly most of it was junk like MSDN/TN or AOL disks lol. But sometimes I would get a nice title on my desk like the Unreal Tournament series.... ah the good ol days.
Now I'm just a lazy ass pirate. I used TBP and EZTV exclusively (well and YIFYs site) So I'm checking this place out as my next roost.
Anyhow... back to the original topic... I'm 44 yrs old... is this place full of 18 yr olds are do we have fellow dinosaurs here to roam with !

I have been programming computers for 12 more years than you have been on earth. Primarily the big commercial kind in the USA. Played with the VIC C64s etc, have avoided the apples, the first week the IBMs were available I bought two, for my company.
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Welcome. Shiner Bockdrunk
Mounting, extracting is all wrong, you need a convertor to create mkv or mp4 or whatever you tv needs on your usb device. search video convertor on this site.
You are going to have to use on of the video converter programs.
Also try to play the downloaded isos with something like vlc. ISO files are often mislaveld as a compressed collection of other files that need to be uncompressed. DVD iso files need only to be watched or copied to a disk.
How do you get to the page that you got when you clicked on PROFILE in the old header? Losing a long time friend is ok.
Have been thinking about this and have not found any good advice about this. If I am around, what I do when the net is lost is to first reboot router. Then if that doesn't work, power both boxes off and boot modem, 30 secs later boot router, perhaps pc to reacquire info from router. If that doesn't work call ISP. The question is is there any way to automate that process, including detecting losing the internet?
Also I have manual for modem and occasionally look at stuff there but don't do that very often.
Only way I thought of is modifying the router's code, could but don't want to.
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