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xmas bump needed
have bought a madcats xbox mem card
have cut a male usb :
so now I have to create this with soldering:
Well folks I've decided to attempt something for the first time ever in my book. I currently own an xbox original and Mechwarrior the game. I also love roms so I thought Hey! Why not softmod my xbox to XMBC rom center?! sounded easy at the time now it has gone down the drain.
First issue is: Need a pre 1995 usb thumbdrive as anything newer won't read. This would be easy if I online shopped however I don't so I'm a bit screwed there.

I did however make a controller port to female usb port by using pressure beans to splice the wires together:


this however went to the crapper upon discovery that ALL my usb thumbdrives are way to new to be able to be read on the xbox so my next idea is to do this with a controller memory card then upload the sid [softmod save files] to the mem card from my pc then boot those using the mem card. But I'm at a confused point; can I use a male usb soldered into the mem card to load the files on then use the actual part you plug into the controller to load from mem card, basically I'm trying to cut out the need for a thumbdrive and use the mem card as a thumbdrive.
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Thought this was pretty interesting!
Here's all of the SAG screeners that have been sent so far:
Source: instagram (just for reference, lol)
Hopefully some will appear on here soon! Also, have a great Thanksgiving everyone! image

I'd love to get this as a monthly pack; all the screeners for that month. All would be on kat asap lol
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