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I have seen as high as 2.2 mbps. I don't watch it much though. I use bit torrent and option to hibernate when dl's are finished. Comcast standard broadband. Motorola surfboard modem. I live in a rural area 45 miles from the closest big city.
Draft Day with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner
Really stupid, pointless and amateurish. Costner has stooped to new lows..
Just saw the new Tom Cruise Sci Fi flick "Edge of Tomorrow" couple of days ago. Interesting but I definitely have questions about The END....shocked
Thank You, A+ for informative content and presentation.. and also THX for all the Uploading.. Without you guys, none of this is possible..
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A lot of stuff is frozen in the US right now, rep points are not that high on the list. Thx for the update though.
Soulvc, anytime a list like this is put to a vote, a predictable pattern will always emerge.. everyone has their own favorites and they are not going to be on the lists you select.. then the inevitable cascade of what others feel should be "Best" will come pouring down.
“I ran into an old friend on the street and we started up a conversation. Four hours and six bottles of wine later, we decided the weather was just too unpredictable, and we parted ways.”.. Bouvard tittertongue
Jack the Giant Slayer
It was OK, The special effects were decent but what are you gonna do with a Nursery Story that we all know and is short and simple.. Thanks to KAT I ddin't drop $10.00 at the
The words at the bottom of the comment box used to read Comment only on the status and quality of the torrent... It was changed to a more generic "Please leave only comments related to that torrent".... How is this supposed to encourage specific rules regarding the comment section? It has become far worse sense the wording was changed.. Why are there so many anonymous comments allowed? Any troll will grafitti a wall if they think they won't be caught!!! Occasionaly.. and I mean OCCASIONALY, a Mod will remind commentors that their ip address can be warned/banned etc. even if anonymous.. It has had little effect.. If this is a numbers game and KAT wants to show that it has more members than other Torrent sites, then this Site is selling itself short.. It is the Best because it has the Best interface and selection.. You can look through an entire page of comments and not see one true rating 9/10, 10/10, etc... Please clean up the squabbling, language, spamming..
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