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I like cheevos, these will fit nicely in my collection.
Uploading the states time :)
I'm locked and loaded in the seedbox, should be exciting to see tomorrow biggrin
Yah, it is still messed up. It does not start torrents or transfers and will duplicate uploads. This has many issues still and that sucks, a whole year paid, wow :(

Just a few notes on the difference between what is what and being more cautious in what we choose. We have searched the net for good seedboxes and there are many good ones and many bad ones. When choosing a seedbox, do a checklist first! These are a few tips to save you any hassle in the future.

* Read the terms and conditions! What is logged, what is stored, who can see what you are doing and is your information shared.

* Does the seedbox provider accept public trackers and if so, what is the download speed "as some providers will seed slowly at times" Reasons they will state why, read that too and if it is not listed on the site then contact support, ask how the public tracker seeding rate works. Some seedbox providers only handle private trackers.

* what is the rule with DCMA and what do they do when they are contacted. What is the procedure on the matter.

* What type of payments do they accept and make sure it is secured.

* Also Google the reviews and ratings on the seedbox provider and see what people have to say from experience. And check Whois Lookup If you want.

* Make sure you are getting a seedbox and not buying a webui. "unless you prefer that." Some web pages are displaying a utorrent webui as a seedbox provider.

I have ran across some new seedbox providers on the net claiming great speed with a cheap price. 2 was actually a plain utorrent webui and not an actual seedbox like you would imagine. I have seen a few of those within the last week online. And that may be fine, but I personally wouldn't put it in the same category.

Dont go by what seedbox review sites recommend! This is total bull! lets say you come across a web page like "name withheld," and not a trusted site but just some web page that displays only seedbox recommendations, you don't know if the poster did his homework not only on price and speed but the facts and terms. I have seen some of the seedboxes, preferably new ones that are actually a utorrent webui seedbox. It is not and should not be next to real seedboxes to name a few such as example: ultraseed,, seedbox company, Whatbox, etc., those are real seedboxes "not recommending, just stating a few examples." The pages I seen put utorrent webui seedboxes in the same category as cheap seedbox recommendations. There should be web pages called "webui seedboxes" instead and there are no factual reviews done on these web pages, only posting the cheapest boxes.
2 of the webui seedboxes listed on those top seedbox pages are both from shady owners from what I read on 2 popular sources stating the webui owners are shady while repeatedly changing their site name to avoid being checked for bad reviews, no response to tickets, being banned from a site for scamming, fraud, wait periods up to a week for correcting box issues,...the comments go on. So just be cautious when choosing is the point I am making. I am not putting webui boxes down at all, just stating there is a difference and research what you choose. I know some people here might love those sort of seedboxes. Whatever you choose, make sure you check it all out first in the checklist I wrote above or your own curious questions. Dont worry about the price, do your checklist.Looking for a cheap seedbox is great and we all want that but its better to play safe and be all sorted then running into any negative situations down the line. Thanks for reading :)
Anyone can upload these tutorials from Udemy?
If anyone uploads, tag me. I really appreciate most who uploads any one or all of the 3 courses.
Thanks in advance

2 are available on torcache, "scratch and build a web course" and pm sent.
hey guys can someone please upload phlearn pro tutorials
thanks appreciate it

But what exact tutorials? I already have a bunch uploaded, their deleted here but I have the torcache on those. pm sent
I want only the "exercise files of Building Mobile Apps with Google Maps Android API v2 " from lynda in a zip file.Please guys its urgent...

Its already here. When you click to download, a popup will appear. Just uncheck everything but the exercise files. Its in a zip, pm sent :)
someone please give me these torrents and any advance level python video training
Using Databases in Python
Flask Basics (python)

you need an info link with a title and posting random related tutorials cant be done, its hard to think of what should be uploaded :)
Hello :)
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Hello and Welcome :)
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