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Hi sorry to bother you.
I am unable to seed 24/7 due to a cap on my usage so it is important I have Utorrent enabled for seeding as fast as possible as I seed from 00:01 till 06:00 which is not counted towards my total.
I have found lots of hints as how to "optimize my uploading" on the web but many are conflicting.
I wonder if anybody on here would know the best settings?
Many thanks in anticipation and all the best for the New Year.

Try these 4 threads
those should help :)
bumpin a site friend thread
If I was rich, like had money to splurge on then no I wouldn't.
But that will never happen so pirate ill be chuckle
I admit to nothing chucklepiratetongue
After going through alot of trackers, this has been driving me a bit nuts, lol. This list is compatable with not only showing seeders but actual downloads for both kat and et.



udp:// is unknown and not showing any source, so I have stopped using that. I heard coppersurfer is a bad one, Let it go?
both deleted now off kat
Are you trying to gain a cheevo? You need alot of friends to do that. If you want real friends then socialize and get to know people. smile
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there is a thing called google translate, you can check it out instead of making a thread for a 1 word definition. chuckle
lol, searching or spying? chuckle
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