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I have Original DVD of Windows 7 Ultimate [32 & 64 bit] so i don't have problem with this OS, but i am not sure about Windows 8, should i upgrade to windows 8 any version or not yet, waiting newer version of windows? and if i will upgrade to windows 8 i am not planning to buy the original copy so then which version i can download which is not modified and is a fresh RAW version?

ok , with the introduction of Vista , Microsoft added some additional hardware requirements .
and these newer requirements have remained fairly constant , through windows 7 and windows 8 .
now with the introduction of windows 8.1 , these hardware requirements are now restrictions !
namely a CPU-check .
so users considering a windows upgrade , especially if your PC is say 2009 or older .
you really need to run Windows 8 or 8.1 Upgrade Assistant .
that Microsoft download will tell if your PC is able to run windows 8 or windows 8.1 .
details here >>>
if your PC fails the CPU-check , windows will not install , period .
and details on the CPU-check found in windows 8.1 and newer >>>

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is this really going any where ?? image

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i had to edit your ALL-CAPITALIZED thread title ?
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well if neither one is a budget buster for you ?
then i would prefer the notebook .
it has double the HDD capacity .
and double the graphics .
and a newer generation CPU .
ok , thank you .

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can you give any public dns service adrese

here's Google Public DNS >>>
ok , thank you .

yes welcome to KAT !
I would recommend LG if you are looking for bang for the buck. Go for a 42 - 47" Smart 3D LED TV.
The picture quality is great. The WebOS is sleek and very user friendly. The remote is great and acts as a mouse for your TV WebOS. The passive 3D is great as you don't have to sync your glasses every time and the passive 3D glasses are cheap to buy if one of them breaks. There are sufficient amount of ports for USB and HDMI. If you are looking to wall hang the TV, then LG gives you an awesome wall mount bracket that moves front-back, left-right and up-down.
IMO, go for a 1080p TV as 4k material is currently limited and will be for a couple of years, and the TV will last you for at least 3-4 years.

my vote would be for LG also !
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