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good night !
Apple convert comes full circle ??

ok , this is my ramblings and my observations .
i know and have know several Apple users .

and over the years it has been a small group of acquaintances .
so until recently i would have been referring to desktop and laptop users who were of the Mac persuasion .

but in recent years being an Apple user mainly refers to iPhone and iPad owners .

i would guess that nearly 1/2 of those i know who go online .
they have either an iPhone or iPad .
and many have both .
and some are using the iPad as their only PC .

so the internet is a completely different world than when XP or even windows 7 were first released .

there is a user i know who has been an Apple fan and user for decades .
and on several occasions he has tried to persuade me to purchase different Apple products .
which i have never owned any .

first let me give a little of his background experience .
at a very early age he got hooked to all those video games that connected to your old CRT TV's .

like Nintendo .

also PlayStation .

even after getting his degree as an IT .
gaming was and is a big part of his life .
he goes to gaming conventions several times a year .
and has been a Mod on a gaming site for several years .

he now uses consoles like Xbox .

and Xbox 360 .

so i would say that it was his love of gaming or addiction .
that first got him interested in electronics .
and that gaming/electronics connection finally led him to PC's .

back in those days i didn't know anyone who owned a home PC .
that was something mainly reserved for the government and corporations .

so his first PC was a trash find !

yes he rescued a Compaq Deskpro from someone's trash bin .

and after several trips to RadioShack he got that sucker up-and-running .
so all through high-school and college .
all his PC's were of the rescued/refurbished variety .

and during that period when he could only afford those used PC's .
like many others he got hooked on one of those cute Apple products .
the iPod .

finally when his education started bringing in a better salary .
he got his first new PC a MacBook .

and he was the very first person that i knew who owned an iPhone .

and before the economy tanked in 2008 .
and many tech companies cut back .
he got a brand new iMac .

eventually it seemed like every piece of hardware that he owned was made by Apple .
his whole adult career has been in the tech field .
working for both Corporations and local companies .
he even was a software developer for a few years .

so yes with his level of education and his technical experience .
any time that he offered advice/assistance i would listen .

a few years back he finally parted ways with the corporate world .
and relocated in the area where he had grown up .

he works for a local authorized service provider .
they handle both sales and warranty for multiple brands .
mainly business accounts .

so this job has exposed him to virtually every PC brand sold in America .
and about 2 years ago he remarked that he was shocked at the build defects that many name brand PC's have .

he told me that it was time for him to get another laptop .
and he didn't care for the iPad .
touch-screen was alright for his iPhone .
but he wanted a keyboard for any portable PC that he might use .

so it was about this time 2 years ago that he invited me over to see his new purchase .

a Lenovo !

his new Lenovo came with windows 8 .
and he had heard such a bad rap on windows 8 .
that he considered switching it to Ubuntu .
in fact he did dual/boot Ubuntu , leaving the OEM windows 8 .

after a few weeks on his Lenovo he said , i can't see what all the fuss is about , windows 8 runs great .
so he kept his windows 8 .

and he explained that he chose Lenovo because of it's price advantage .
and that Lenovo was 2nd only to Asus in build quality .
his experience at his work .

so for the last 2 years i've heard this self proclaimed Apple fan-boy .
brag on a windows PC , and one running windows 8 of all things ?
and a note here , ...his MacBook did not die on him .
he sold it so he could buy a new electric-guitar .
yes he's also addicted to music .

now let's fast forward to a couple of months ago .
he came over to show me his new smart-phone .
remember that he had been using iPhone's literally since day one .

this was his new phone Moto X - 2nd Generation .



Android version 4.4.4

Android version 5.0

review video >>>

availability >>>

he explained that the available Android features .
and the build quality of Android phones had caught up with Apple .
and when you consider the price , then Apple no longer holds any advantages .

he demonstrated the voice command and it was flawless .
it responded to every one of his commands .
and the phone's voice sounded like a real person .

and did i mention ? his phone was unlocked and running a custom ROM .
to say the least he was very-very pleased .

about 2 weeks ago he told me that he wasn't going to buy another new desktop .
the only new desktop that i could remember was his iMac ?

he said that he would search all of the upcoming holiday sales .
and pick out his components .

and he needed me to recommend a clean download of either windows 8 or 8.1 .
so i assumed that he intends to run windows on his new build .

so with him having one foot in the Apple world .
and the other foot in the windows world .

i had to make sure that he was up-to-date on the windows 8 OS family .

so here is my reply to him .

the original windows 8 had very few hardware restrictions .

i can dual/boot windows 8 on my old Pentium 4 desktop .

Microsoft was hoping to get die-hard XP users to finally upgrade .

but when windows 8.1 was released .

Microsoft added a bunch of hardware restrictions .

mainly a CPU-check !

windows 8.1 or newer , will not even install , if your system fails that CPU-check .

so your hardware determines which one of the windows 8 family you can run .

single core and low-end dual/core CPU's .

can't run anything newer than windows 8 .

any kind of modern 4-core CPU , can run windows 8.1 and newer .

windows 8.1 had major updates in Apr.-2014 .

so if you download any ISO dated before mid-Apr. .

then you will be installing a large number of updates after your install .

so for most users with new or fairly new equipment it is windows 8.1 that you want .

here is one of the best - windows uploaders >>>

and his newest upload is Nov. 12 >>>

he dates all his uploads , for they have all the available windows updates for that day .

his ISO is not pre-activated .

but it says includes activation folder .

the only safe way to activate windows 8/8.1 is by KMS-activation .
and that is probably what is in his - activation folder .

here is the one that i use >>>

well the end is almost here !

not sure if there is any real purpose to this thread .
i just thought that it was interesting , the choices we make in our tech life .
and how our real life does effect that as well .

and this individual who's tech life seems to have come full circle .

he began building his own PC's and running windows .
as his got more tech education and more income .
he moved completely to the Apple world .

and now more than a decade later , he is moving back to the windows world .

well not quit , ... sort of a windows/Android world .

we may not say it out-load , ... but we know that technology doesn't stand still .

so don't put your self in a box !
occasionally look around and see what those other brands are up to .

the number one brand or idea one year .
may be old news the next year .

can we say BlackBerry !

so please no Apple bashing

or windows bashing .

but feel free to discuss similar experiences that you or someone you know has had .
a brand of hardware or an OS , that you once loved .
but it eventually let you down , or you found a better alternative .

ok thank you .

yes welcome to KAT !

yes welcome to KAT !

yes welcome to KAT !

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thank you .

good night !
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yes welcome to KAT !

ok , rules for this thread >>>
• No triple posting of Posts(No more than 2 post in a row).
i started at page 450 .
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