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Diskeeper 2012 Professional v16 0 1012 0-Lyon275 (Size: 51.15 MB)
  Diskeeper12-Professional-45day.exe 49.37 MB
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Diskeeper 2012

Slow PC? Speed Up Your PC Fast

Faster PC Speed
Optimum PC Performance
Reduced Slows, Lags & Crashes
Hard Drive Lasts 1-3 Years Longer
Faster Internet Speeds
Faster Boot-up & Backup
Faster Application Launch Speeds
Fragmentation Prevented
Instant & Automatic Defrag
Completely Automatic Solution

Diskeeper Home is like spring cleaning for your slow PC. It neatly lines up your files side-by-side, so they are NOT scattered across your hard drive in hundreds of small fragmented pieces.
When your files are fragmented, it takes longer to read them... thus slowing down almost EVERY aspect of your computer use.
With Diskeeper installed, your files are neatly stored end-to-end without fragmentation (the scattering of file fragments randomly across the hard drive), so your once slow PC runs faster – without any effort on your part. It couldn’t be easier to keep your PC running like new.

Diskeeper automatically boosts your PC’s speed, extends the battery life of your laptop, speeds up the loading times for your computer, extends the longevity of your hard drive, reduces your energy consumption and much, much more. This is a simple, automatic fix to a slow PC.
With Diskeeper Home, you get:
More PC Speed – by speeding up boot-up, application launches, email and internet browsing.
Less PC Slows – by eliminating fragmentation-related performance issues that cause PC slows.
Extended Hard Drive Life – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity that can cause hard drive failures.
Hassle-Free PC – by using a “Set It and Forget It” approach to maintain PC performance.
You will quickly see how little effort it takes to speed up your slow PC and increase your application performance. This is one software solution, you can’t do without.

Topten reviews link- Diskeeper 2012

Note: The trial reset included in this torrent is created by Lyon275. I am just uploading this torrent because it was not on kat.

Here is the virus total report.Virus total report.

It reports virus but many people have given it good ratings. So you can download it without hesitation.


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Diskeeper 2012 Professional v16 0 1012 0-Lyon275


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Uploader Comments

rodneymw773 • 03 Sep 2012, 16:35
Works great.
_HD_2824 • 04 Sep 2012, 07:33
torrent downloaded
Your welcome
leatherneck73904 • 03 Sep 2012, 22:52
torrent downloaded
thanks uploader
_HD_2824 • 04 Sep 2012, 07:33
torrent downloaded
Your welcome mate
anonymous • 06 Sep 2012, 22:51
Installer is in non-English language..Please help how to install. Also, Will the language of software remains same even after installation??
_HD_2824 • 07 Sep 2012, 11:03
torrent downloaded
No. It will become English

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pushed810 • 23 November 2014, 12:10
torrent downloaded
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Be careful using the boot time defrag, it can be very nasty!
anonymous • 04 January 2014, 09:33 Show comment
ur nice virus
nemomil7 • 06 October 2013, 04:02 Show comment
Just installed and ran Reset AFTER uninstalling an earlier expired trial. So far, so good. I *think* this will continue to work as expected beyond the 45-days initial trial because nothing else has allowed me to install and run Diskeeper at all.
Great work, Prajjwal. Thank you.
DominicS4565 • 28 August 2013, 01:09
torrent downloaded
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This definitely works, the reset trial thingy. Now I just have to remember to use it every so often. XD Thanks for making this reset trial crack available. It makes the Diskeeper program so much more useful when you can ACTUALLY use it. :)
hardtoxplain127 • 15 April 2013, 23:28
torrent downloaded
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Diskeeper sold out. Good torrent, bad product. Uninstalled.
anonymous • 31 July 2013, 00:33 Show comment
what program would you recomment?
pettitis1 • 01 February 2013, 06:57
torrent downloaded
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no good
anonymous • 21 December 2012, 05:10 Show comment
It work ! I wonder if the trial would work and I hope that they upload the latest diskeeper
anonymous • 01 November 2012, 07:05 Show comment
Thanks Mate :)
anonymous • 23 October 2012, 08:06 Show comment
Thank You. Although, I am not sure whether the trial reset will work again and again.
AdamKeen1026 • 27 September 2012, 18:23
torrent downloaded
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This sucks. Every 45 days? What a pain.
anonymous • 29 October 2012, 10:45 Show comment
Eat Good. Shit Bad. You want to enjoy what you Eat.... but it is a pain to Shit. Simple solution.... Do'nt Eat. You wo'nt have to Shit. .......Stop complaining & buy the software.
anonymous • 01 August 2013, 18:54 Show comment
Stop complaining & buy the software. IDIOTS
anonymous • 03 June 2013, 02:49 Show comment
You know you could set up a batch file set to start up every 45 days or whatever, and all you have to do is click one button, and then close out of it? Stop complaining, fucking noob.
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