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Erotica: `The Girls of MCN - Nude Beauties, Vol 1` (20080

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Erotica: `The Girls of MCN - Nude Beauties, Vol 1` (20080 (Size: 701.76 MB)
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The Girls of MCN Nude Beauties
(2008, DVDrip.Xvid)

Direct screens:

Cover + screens:

Website info:
MCN offers a wide range of never seen models around the world. Enter and enjoy the dignity of unspeakable beauty and turn on your imagination with every new girl released.



Softcore, Nude, Beauty

Description (German):
8 atemberaubende Schönheiten - erotisch und sinnlich in Szene gesetzt - verleihen dieser DVD ihre Besonderheit.

Bambi, Monika, Thalia, Belicia, Ivette, Marketa, Jana und Zoe zeigen sich von ihrer ganz privaten Seite und entführen Dich in Traumwelten, voller Spannung und knisternder Erotik.

Tauch ein in eine Welt voller Natürlichkeit, sinnlicher Momente und betörend schöner Frauen, in der Deine Fantasien Wirklichkeit werden.

Format: Xvid
Release date DVD: 2008
Duration: 01.07:48

Review of the site:

Review of The Girls of MCN:
The Girls of MCN. MCN sounds like a college campus or something. It also kind of sounds like a television news station. It sounds like a lot of things! Although it does sound like a TV network, I can also see it going as a home shopping network as well. And don't forget supermarket either. So what does it mean? Well, the webmasters don't really ever tell us what it does mean. But MCN for us means a new review today, of yet another site which is pushing the boundaries of beautiful photography.

The Girls of MCN and MC Nudes are pretty much interchangable as far as names go. I will probably continue to use The Girls of MCN because I like that a little better. Anyway, this is another one of those nude beauty sites, which is pretty softcore in nature and focuses on the beauty of the girl. These sites are really a dime a dozen nowadays, so they are going to need to start working on the theme a little more to make each one distinguishable. Which is really the problem with the theme here, is that it is being done so much, they just need to put a little twist on it to make it more appealing. And they haven't done that here, so yeah, the theme is a little stale, but the content will more than make up for it.

When you first sign in, you get a page that is kind of jumbled up. The latest update is highlighted on the right hand side, with latest video on the left, models in the middle, and then more random stuff underneath. You won't find much else of use here, and I really think that the front page was a little too jumbled. They have the right idea as far as the way everything looks, its just the organization that really needs a lot of work. So a great look to the site, but it could just use a little more thinking as far as the overall functionability of the site.

The Girls of MCN, like many of the like-minded sites, has a big focus on pictures. What you will want to do is pick a model, and then pick a set as many models have different sets. The thumbnails here are pretty small and don't give you a great idea of everything going on. But they aren't horrible, and I would say that they designed these picture pages relatively well. Once you get into the actual galleries, the thumbnails are way better and work out really well as far as previews. I was a very big fan of them, the minute you got into the gallery. It makes up for the slightly shaky design elsewhere on the page. You also have options! You can download zip files in both low and high quality here, to keep you satisfied no matter what. And you will find yourself going for those zip files, because each and every picture here is done extremely well and very nice.

The quality here is amazing. You also have more options: there are usually three different pixel options for each picture, and even at low quality the pictures are absolutely stunning. The camerawork is second to none, and everything flows together well. Overall you just have a stunning quality and lots of great models to look through, the picture section truly excels here.

Now where MCN really stands out is in their videos. Why is that? Well, most sites like this have no videos, or neglected little video sections. Here on MCN, theres not a ton of videos, but theres a lot of quality here. And the videos are also a little different as they are a combination of both still photos and live action. It's a nice little touch to add to the awesome photographs. To get technical, your options in order of quality are DIVX, WMV, and MOV. Each one is a full video, they run short, usually under five minutes. And the file sizes are very managable as well. They put some work into the videos and that is one of the things that makes MCN stand above a lot of the other sites in this genre.

As you could imagine, the girls here are beautiful. They step it up a little over most sites like this though, there are some really really nice girls on here. They seem to like girls with bigger boobs, and nice bodies. Don't we all? So the woman quality here is very nice. What is also very nice is the action. While this is softcore stuff, a lot of the stuff is still sexually charged and enticing. The girls look hot and very suggestive, and while it is softcore it is pretty nice at the same time.

This site has been around for a year now, and they have been doing daily updates. So that means there are at least 300 sets on here, all awesome! There isn't a whole lot of videos but there are more than you can find on a lot of sites like this. Some really great stuff here! There aren't any bonus sites or anything like that, but with daily updates, you get more than you could ever need as far as updates! Really cool!


Another cool softcore site with a focus on beauty. This one stands out a bit more due to the quality of the videos and also the prettiness of the girls. But it is just another one of those sites, it stands out slightly from the rest of the crowd!


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Erotica: `The Girls of MCN - Nude Beauties, Vol 1` (20080


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