PlayOn Media Server 2 58 3190 - Stream Netflix to PS3 / Xbox 360

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PlayOn Media Server 2 58 3190 - Stream Netflix to PS3 / Xbox 360 (Size: 16.57 MB)
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PlayOn Media Server 2 58 3190 - Stream Netflix to PS3 / Xbox 360


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Torrent hash: ef3a5f422e45b207a6f773dd9723335db647fd5b

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anonymous • 13 September 2010, 06:17 Show comment
Weres the serial
monty51pa48 • 16 June 2014, 18:45 Show comment
last ime i looked it was 69 dollars
monty51pa48 • 16 June 2014, 18:46 Show comment
oops , last time i looked it was 69 dollars
anonymous • 29 December 2009, 15:35 Show comment
Look at the number of files in this torrent (1). No keygen or serial. Might as well download the latest (14 day trial) version from the Playon website. $40 to buy.
anonymous • 22 August 2010, 19:16 Show comment
I agree.I wish their was a serial or crack keygen.
anonymous • 14 November 2010, 22:33 Show comment
SIMPLE Permanent automatic workaround using a BATCH file run from the Windows Startup menu for the latest PlayOn Media server version using various parts from older techniques .... This is for Windows XP 32bit but can be easily modified for win 7 by exchanging the registry Key location and directory paths location with the ones mentioned in earlier posts.... Code: 1: First thing we want to do is permanently Deny access to PlayOns servers and site as a precaution so download the latest version of PlayOn before you do this and using your preferred choice of firewall block both incoming and outgoing traffic from/to IP address(es) and on all ports and protocols. 2: follow the original step of opening up PlayOn's settingsmanager.exe and click on the registration tab, enter the name and serial provided in earlier posts: User Name: michael nadolny License Key: 8C86-A5DF-7184-AED6-44E8-BE11-1B4D-6281 Then click back onto the settings tab and UNCHECK "automatically run server when pc starts" click APPLY since we will run the service after the key has been reset in the BATCH file. now, ctrl+alt+shift to bring up the task manager. close out settingsmanager.exe if open and playon.exe if open. 3: now we are going to create a Batch file to automate the process of deleting and resetting the license key automatically at windows startup then loading PlayOn application and starting windows service without needing user input. Open a new plain text document in wordpad and copy the following text into it Quote: @ECHO OFF NET START "MediaMall Server" NETSH Diag Ping Loopback > "%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO. >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMediaMallMediaMallSy stem] >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO @=hex:7c,04,c3,55,b1,7a,3f,1c,1d,8a,e3,fb,b4,ed,a2 ,23,3b,b8,4c,25,75,e9,37,4b, >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO 60,3f,d4,cf,9a,cf,5f,10,2f,46,e0,4d,40,49,74,16,8a ,67,d9,4f,8c,b6,ba,5d,8b, >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO c8,0e,2a,04,2f,25,da,41,cd,55,07,84,c9,75,5a >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO "License"="" >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO. >>"%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" ECHO. START /WAIT REGEDIT /S "%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" DEL "%Temp%.DefOpen.reg" "C:Program FilesMediaMallSettingsManager.exe" Replace the "C:Program FilesMediaMallSettingsManager.exe" line with your own install path location.....for instance mine is on "G:Program FilesMediaMallSettingsManager.exe" 4: Now save the open file as PlayOnFix.bat to your desktop and then drag it to your Windows Start Menu ->All Programs -> Startup which should create a shortcut to your new Batch file which will run automatically whenever you boot windows. NOTE: This method isn't completely fool proof as sometimes playon will crash and you will need to ctrl+alt+shift to bring up the task manager close out settingsmanager.exe if open and playon.exe if open then manually double click on your batch file to reset and restart Playon. ALSO ignore the current running status box in playon general settings menu as it doesn't detect the service properly most of the time
anonymous • 17 November 2010, 23:19 Show comment
there tehparadox ...

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