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Mike Dolce's - UFC FIT Program

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12 workout DVDs
12-week Workout Tracker
132-page Lifestyle & Nutrition Manual
Complete with training tips, a grocery list, meal plans and healthy, delicious recipes
Plus, get a jump start on weight loss with 3-Day Shred

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joekill1622849 • 18 February 2014, 00:33 Show comment
Download it trying it out today
stalkerpatty390 • 16 February 2014, 18:17 Show comment
Thank you !!! Gonna get freekin SHREDDED!
awais87061 • 23 January 2014, 20:17 Show comment
is it under-uploading?
Tommy_Conlon1 • 14 January 2014, 05:30 Show comment
Is this program not selling very much? There are none for sale that I can find on ebay, craigslist, etc anywhere.
Bump for anybody that has a copy and can rip it and upload.
Thanks in advance.
pinakin.gandhi.91 • 05 January 2014, 17:40 Show comment
i did tapout , tapout XT and now i am really looking forward for UFC Fit. I am so keen that i was thinking to even buy this but they dont deliver anywhere except USA and Canada...
Please please some one rip these, it will be a great help !!
grk141 • 05 January 2014, 10:06 Show comment
that will be great
stalkerpatty390 • 05 January 2014, 05:20 Show comment
I've been doing GSP Rushfit and lost 45 lbs. It's boring to me now and would love to try this before buying it.
Stiino01 • 04 January 2014, 12:02 Show comment
Would love to have this! Hope someone rips it soon :)
Milew66615 • 30 December 2013, 14:51 Show comment
There are a lot of dvds with thise series. I am sure it will take a bit for someone willing to rip them all, but i'll wait!
KonZ3N163 • 30 December 2013, 05:13 Show comment
looking forward to this...
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