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Added on Feb 7, 2011 by iKMN7695 in Games > Mac
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Rome Total War Gold Edition (Mac)-iKMN (Size: 3.94 GB)
  Rome Total War Install Disc.dmg 3.88 GB
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iKMN Proudly Sharing: Rome Total War Gold Edition (Mac)

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3.94 GB
Rome Total War Gold Edition (Mac)-iKMN


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Uploader Comments

iKMN7695 • 11 Feb 2011, 08:56
torrent downloaded
K, the crack is quite confusing but is simple. open the rome total wat install disc and wait until it opens. now drag the game into your app folder. wait until copying is finished. now open the crack and open the file now click rome total war 1.0 (The red icon, not blue) and follow the instructions and install it in the game folder. after your done dont click continue exit the app and open the game.
anonymous • 10 Feb 2011, 05:55
did yours work ikmn?
iKMN7695 • 10 Feb 2011, 10:47
torrent downloaded
Yeah, mines workin'
anonymous • 11 Feb 2011, 09:17
i followed all the steps, but a table appears :(An error occurred that prevented the process from completing) :S:S
iKMN7695 • 11 Feb 2011, 20:02
torrent downloaded
where did u install the crack if u did it in the game folder then try the other crack
anonymous • 11 Feb 2011, 09:36
iKMN7695 • 11 Feb 2011, 20:02
torrent downloaded
welcome bro! :)

Top Comments

anonymous • 19 Aug 2012, 16:13
It actually is very easy to install if you don't rush into everything. Basically, run the initial 'Rome total war dmg.' Drag that into the applications folder, once installed double click the bomb labeled 'crack.' Run the 'No DVD crack' for Rome, after install quit that application. Run the Rome app in your application folder and DO NOT UPDATE. Then the game will work fine! For Barbarian invasion to Work: You have to first change the name of the 'Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion' to Rome Total War - Barbarian. You then have to right click that file chose "show package contents.' Then to Contents - MacOS. Once there do the same things to file name and remove the 'Invasion' part of the name. After you have done BOTH of those things you then need to run the installer like you did for Rome Total War and BOOM, there should be no problem. But alas, also like with the Rome launcher, do not update. GO AND ENJOY :D

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anonymous • 10 December 2014, 20:11 Show comment
The Rome total war crack is not going to the install page as it does for barbarian invasion. Help??? any 1????
anonymous • 30 August 2014, 18:25 Show comment
okay i got to the part where you push play in the rome app but it said it can't run without a disk. where did i mess up?
anonymous • 23 May 2014, 15:39 Show comment
thanks men! it really works
anonymous • 30 April 2014, 16:46 Show comment
what is the product key?
anonymous • 16 December 2013, 06:21 Show comment
Downloaded RTW crack just fine, completed the campaign with Brutii, unlocked some factions but not all of them. I understand some are meant to be unavailable, but I can edit the desc_strat.txt to unlock other factions. I am not able to edit AND SAVE any txt files, even after trying to change and allow permissions. Is there any way around this so i can play as any faction?
anonymous • 11 December 2013, 22:16 Show comment
How is it with de game throught? i downloaded RTW a few years ago from other server, and let me installed it, but when i ran the game it shows some errors in all issues, such as i can't rotate canera, the muse buttons don't work on some units habilities, some graphs where with diferent color (like you screen get high on weed).. ok. Many problems. Is this torrent getting the same issues?
IcarusPhoenix197 • 21 August 2013, 00:13
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Never had a since crash issue like the others; my only real objections are that a) you can't update (not a big deal, since the 1.3 isn't that different), and b) the data image is read-only; I have been trying to duplicate it to a read/write so that I can mod the game a bit, but it just won't run off a different data set.
anonymous • 04 August 2013, 02:55 Show comment
everything works ok, except that after certain battles it freezes right after you see the stats (how many enemies you killed, etc.) and i have no choice but to restart my computer. has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?
anonymous • 03 July 2013, 17:37 Show comment
I tried following the steps above but got stuck while installing the No dvd crack. It hangs at processing and then says something prevented the files from installing. Can anyone assist?
anonymous • 11 August 2013, 15:10 Show comment
Same thing happened to me....
anonymous • 16 June 2013, 09:09 Show comment
Hi, I am currently trying to make RTW work with the Roma Surrectum II mod but it crashes at launch. I have copied the original data folder and merged it with the mod, copied the cracked Rome Total into the new folder but the vanilla credits screen appears for a second before crashing. What am i doing wrong? Is the patching process the cause? Thanks!
Badruk174 • 25 June 2013, 07:42 Show comment
Have you succeed in your task? If yes I'd prompt you to share the experience :)
Everybody may be interested ( I am ) :P
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