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It did actually used to be the way it was spelled in Britain. Many words that end in "ize" in American English end in "ise" in British English.
Master-Baiting The English Language 15 hours
You know they sell whole kidneys in the butchers, might be a pigs kidney but they look about the same size so I bet it would probably be alright if you ever needed one. I guess there might be a little bit of kidney envy going on here though now you have a new brother. I know the kind of thoughts people have in these situations. "Is it bigger than mine?" "are his kidneys prettier than my own?" Try not to let these things get to you Scuba, I bet your spleen is much nicer than his.
Blood Brothers 15 hours
Welcome to KAT marty3548 I think most people will have noticed the title of the thread and understood the meaning. (I assume that because I know how filthy minded most of the users here are):lol: As for your spell checker underlining the word "apologise" I can only assume it's your browser. It's probably set to use an American dictionary by default and you need to manually point it to an English dictionary addon.
Master-Baiting The English Language 15 hours
There is such an achievement and only one Mod ever gained it. It's called Most Reported Mod and Ron earned it by being the guy the fakers most feared.
What does my KAT future hold. A hosted blog from Dawnstar 16 hours
Welcome to KAT flip_flop14 That really is a terrific photo you have chosen for your avatar. I love high contrast black and white images. If you are interested there is a basic guide you can look at that will explain a little about the site and maybe help to make finding your way around here a little easier. Click here to go to the guide ---> The Beginners Guide to the Site
flip_flop1417 18 hours
Wait a minute red, did you just say that "arousal" is one of the things that caused you to miss-type? (We are all going to be looking for your typos now):biggrin: Funnily enuff the same hting happens to me. I alllways menage to cover itup though so peaple dont notis wen itz apening.:lol:
Master-Baiting The English Language 18 hours
I don't have to do the cleaning myself, that's one of the reasons I have a whore emporium.:lol:
What does my KAT future hold. A hosted blog from Dawnstar 18 hours
You thumbed down a comment made by a mod! Jesus Christ everyone run, run! This new guy is going to be splattered all over the blog!:lol: Welcome to KAT flip_flop14
What does my KAT future hold. A hosted blog from Dawnstar 18 hours
I once wrote "Your" in a blog instead of the word "You're" and was mortified when I realised it had been their for all to sea four several hours. (Sorry, couldn't resist doing that.) I do type pretty quickly so most of my grammatical and language based fuckups are miss types. There are rare moments though when I go completely blank and forget how to spell incredibly simple words. It happened to me once in school when writing an essay and for the life of me I simply could not remember how to spell the word "and" I like to think when I'm having these little moments it's because my higher functions are working on something brilliant and don't have time to deal with the small things. Far more likely though that I am from time to time for some reason I cannot fathom, afflicted with brief moments of sheer drooling idiocy.
Master-Baiting The English Language 19 hours
I had exactly the same thought, "I bet it's Spectre"
Blood Brothers 19 hours
You've had a bit of a roller coaster ride over the last couple of years ScubaLoo but you always seem to take everything in your stride. I discovered I had a half sister when I was about eight years old. (Mother told me) it was a real shock and I didn't really know how to process it at the time. I know her first name and that she is slightly older and know that at the time I was told, she was only living about twenty miles from where I lived. (I live much further away now) Never been in touch with her though and probably never will. I know if she really wanted to find my mother she would do so I'm just leaving it to her to make the choice about if she has contact with my family. Really hope things go well when you meet and it would be great if when you did you came back and told us all how it went. Interesting to see if despite the nurture, nature made you similar. (He probably has the body of a gorilla and the head of a bird):lol:
Blood Brothers 19 hours
No you won't, but why would you want to when Eppo made it himself for you.:funk::lol: (We really need a vomit emoticon)
What does my KAT future hold. A hosted blog from Dawnstar 19 hours
I guess what I said in the thread Why We Do What We Do under the section titled "Why Do Some Users Get Promoted And Not Others" covers most of what you are wondering. I think fiveofseven gives you great advice here about doing what you do because you want to and because it's fun. I say in my thread "There is no single path to promotion" but there are a few things that will be looked at when a User is considered for promotion to Super User. For starters a consistency of activity on the site over a good length of time. Some users come here and are all over the place like a whirlwind but after a few months they slow down and spend much less time here, and some users have been here for years but their level of activity is low so activity that is sustained is important. Evidence that someone is helping out (And believe me, just bumping threads is not close to enough) will also be looked at. How a person interacts with others is going to be a factor because Super Users are held to a higher standard of conduct and are expected to be interacting with people who are very diverse. There are so many different aspects that get considered and no two Super Users are the same. Some have very good tech skills and spend a lot of time helping in tech threads. Some are great at finding fake accounts and reporting them and some have strong people skills and move round the site helping people in need. Exploring all the dark corners of the site DawnStar is a great way to learn about KAT and there are some threads that are hidden gems that most people don't even know exist. I'll finish with what I end with in my thread, "We need everyone here and everyone is a member of the same family and ultimately it is not the Staff or the Mods or the Super Users that make this place what it is, it's the ordinary users and without them, this place would not exist.
What does my KAT future hold. A hosted blog from Dawnstar 19 hours
I like your dedication, you'll go far in life. Maybe not in the right direction, but definitely far.:lol:
Mod Secrets 3 days
I think I probably spent half of my childhood laying on my back in fields staring into space and imagining myself rushing up and into the stars.
AhrimanThorn28.45K 3 days
BerrryHam Thorn makes me sound both delicious, and spiky. Maybe I'm a pineapple.:lol:
Sayings of the Interloper Vol. 2 3 days
He is a very clever man (Assuming he's a man and not a woman) and many of his observations are keenly made. As smart as he is though he doesn't seem to be smart enough to realise that if you want to be heard, you need people who want to listen. (And he clearly wants to be heard) Being rude, abusive, dismissive and doing everything you can to prove your intellectual superiority by using language as a bludgeon, is only ever going to piss people off and stop them from even considering your point of view. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are oft cited as a defence for the right to cause offence but they do not protect that. People who complain about freedom of speech on the internet nearly always want to be free to say whatever they want without suffering the consequences of their actions. Freedom of speech though varies from country to country and is nearly always dependent on how it impacts other freedoms. If I invite someone into my house and they then proceed to spout a hate filled diatribe about something then I have the right to ask them to leave. Someone's right to speak does not override my right to refuse to listen. A website is a little like someone's home. It's a space that is currently occupied and those that have claimed that space have the right to say, "You can come in, but there are some house rules if you want to stay." Nobody's forced to stay. Anyone can leave at any time and go somewhere else so nobody's freedom of speech is actually being suppressed if exercising that freedom is easily achieved by simply going elsewhere. (So obviously that does not apply to a nation where people cannot easily go elsewhere to speak) It sometimes sounds when people are complaining about how they are being restricted by having to deal with the less intelligent, as though they haven't worked out that it's possible to find like minded people. And unless a person's level of intelligence is of the highest possible magnitude, there is always going to be someone smarter who is having to deal with your intellectual limits. I have to say I do enjoy reading his comments, not just for the challenging ideas he has but the way he makes his case. (If only he would learn that reaching your audience is the primary goal because a point well made, if not heard, is a point not made at all) I do take real exception with the comment made by 9d9wiad9i where he says. Is it really the job of a website that's used by millions of varied people with varied intellects and beliefs to create a perfect environment for you and you alone? If someone is tired of the people around them then they should go and find people who don't tire them. Don't complain because you have to keep on dealing with all those annoying people in the world that don't fit your idea of what constitutes intelligence and humour. It's not your world. You share it with everyone else so if you want to only associate with like minded people, (Who will support your own world views and never challenge you) then go and find those people. It's what the rest of the world has to do. We all make friends and go to particular places where we know the atmosphere will be conducive, but we don't shout and rail when we are somewhere else because other people have had the temerity to be different in ways that we don't like.
Sayings of the Interloper Vol. 2 3 days
I miss her poetry blogs as well, she's very good.
Best Blogs - A Reading List 1 week
I'm the same, I don't really like country music but there are a few songs that I do really like and country singers do have great voices. I love Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's album "Raising Sand" (Killing The Blues is probably my favourite from the album) Alison Krause's version of Down To The River To Pray is very good as well. That is a really nice quote to have as a tattoo. So true as well, if we want the good from life, we take a little of the bad as well.
Question 306 1 week
It's been a very long time indeed since I picked up a pencil or a pen and did some drawing. The picture above was done some years ago and it's of a place where I used to live. If you come down the steps from the main road the bridge leads to a little old graveyard that's on a small hill. I used to like to go and stand on the bridge by myself after coming out of the pub and just listen to the sound of the water bubbling and babbling over the stones, and on a moonlit night some of the gravestones shone with a silvery light. Most of the time now when I'm trying to do something visually creative I use a camera. I should pick up a pencil though because it's been far too long since I have drawn. (Just never get very much free time at the moment unfortunately) Maybe drawing with a pencil or a pen is the wrong medium for you. I can draw fairly well but if I try to paint it's a disaster. It's too free a medium for me and I have always been very envious of those that can paint. Whenever I try doing it, it just looks as though I used my hands and daubed messily and haphazardly at the paper like a frustrated toddler.:lol:
AhrimanThorn28.45K 1 week
It's sad but true I have to raise my hand and admit I've done it. I have written comments in blogs that exceeded the size of the blog.:lol:
To blog, or NOT to blog 1 week
Yeah I agree with everything here. Especially the advice about learning to take criticism. Now if that criticism is personal then it's flaming and the same rules that apply elsewhere on the site in regards to that apply here in blogs as well. You can attack an idea though because if someone is proposing something in a public arena, then they must be prepared to have their idea challenged by those who think differently. Anyone who has an idea based on sound reasoning has nothing to fear from that idea being challenged. The problem is that for many people there are certain ideas that are so deeply held that they are indivisible from the person themselves. So an attack on the idea is an attack on the person. Politics and faith are the two most obvious things that people are most likely to have fixed opinions about and it's why those discussions so often deteriorate into conflict. So if in my opinion your idea is bad and you defend it vigorously, then I will use equal vigour when attempting to deconstruct your premise. Even when I think an idea is wrong though I love to hear what it is. I love that we can now hear what a complete stranger from the other side of the world thinks, because a perspective from someone who is often far removed from our own circumstances, can sometimes be eye opening, and can sometimes be enlightening. (Because I'm often wrong as well)
To blog, or NOT to blog 1 week
You never ever knew what you were going to read when you clicked on one of PiratMas's blogs. Her mind works in strange and wonderful ways.
Best Blogs - A Reading List 1 week
Thanks for the mention VTS You've picked some of my favourite blogs here. Humility prevents you from listing any of your blogs so let me do that for you.:biggrin: Comically Inept - Comic Book FAILS is one of your older blogs but it's one that really made me laugh. Religion, Humanity, And The Search For Meaning is one of my favourites of yours, not just because it's intelligently written and your ideas clearly presented, but because it does what the best blogs should do and it encourages discussion. (Very calm and well reasoned discussion in this blog as well) Sometimes the blog itself is not the thing that's important. Sometimes it's just the starting point and the centre of the blog moves from the main body to the comments section. I'm afraid I'm going to post one of my blogs here but it's because the blog itself is secondary to the comments and the connections that people made. It was one of the question blogs I did for PiratMas and it's only a very short little blog, but you can see in the comments how some people are considering something they have never even thought about before. Users talked about the final song they wanted played when their loved ones said goodbye to them. (Sounds depressing I know but it's surprising what pirates want to be sent off to) Out of the blog came an album of music created by SirSeedsAlotand all of the songs were picked by people in the blog. The blog was called Question 306 (The Final Song) The album can be found here on KAT and it's called A Farewell to the Spirit (It's linked too in the blog as well) "Eat at Joe's":lol: I think I probably love the blogs more than anything else on KAT, but the real treasure to be found in them is usually in the comments section.
Best Blogs - A Reading List 1 week
If my life had a soundtrack it would probably be Creedence Clearwater Revival singing Have You Ever Seen The Rain It sometimes seems as though life is a series of sunny days with storms just over the horizon. (Nice thought provoking blog FrauKohl) I play guitar, badly, really really badly.:lol:
If my Life had a Soundtrack 1 week
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