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The Wall

big_tuna2349 • 29 January 2015, 05:52 Show comment
Seeds who doesn't love Cheese Pizza!!

SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 29 January 2015, 05:55 Show comment
yummy cheeeeeeese!!1
big_tuna2349 • 28 January 2015, 05:27 Show comment
spaghetti sliders!

SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 28 January 2015, 08:53 Show comment
i like egg plant for some reason..those look tasty...i bet it is olive oil all over too
big_tuna2349 • 28 January 2015, 05:17 Show comment

SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 28 January 2015, 08:53 Show comment
food then some ass lol
LadyMads17.11K • 27 January 2015, 07:24 Show comment

Found these on the net. Black roses. They look black, dont they?
SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 27 January 2015, 13:26 Show comment
roses may be black, not sure..but not tulips!
LadyMads17.11K • 26 January 2015, 21:38 Show comment
image I hardly post pics of flowers to a male. But this one is pretty.wink
SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 26 January 2015, 22:12 Show comment
i used to have a flower garden..i was looking for some black tupips. after studying this i found out there are no black tulips although can appear black..theyaare really deep purple. after all, black is the absence of light which means absence of arae colorful :) and that is a great photo..
JayUF4 • 26 January 2015, 01:58 Show comment
hey mate are you able to activate me my link wont work
SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 26 January 2015, 04:05 Show comment
click PEOPLE and contact a Super Mod they should be able to help!
SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 25 January 2015, 22:45 Show comment
So here's what I am seeing regarding the DMCA take-downs:

1) Sony Entertainment and Universal are the main drivers of the complaints for music DMCA take-down requests.

2) They are targeting certain uploaders not the titles. Big Papi titles get removed while hundreds of the same titles are left untouched.

3) They may actually be using some sort of most-recent take-down but some Big Papi torrents were a year old.

4) Popularity of torrent may be a factor with some request, but unpopular titles by a targeted uploader still get taken down.

5) Some artists are obscure and are not generating any meaningful revenue.

6) The take-down requests were probably made more than 6 months ago, but KAT is just now getting to them. That is my hunch. If true this means KAT was approached for being Non-DMCA complaint and corrected that.

7) At least one take-down was illegal. It was for ringtones that were under 20 seconds in length and not sold for profit. Protection falls under U.S. Copyright Fair Usage laws. Hmmmm, actually the laws may have changed on the 20 second rule...

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 3 days ago

SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 25 January 2015, 22:32 Show comment
Interesting...on Apple's home page there is one integrated desktop with the rest of the products being touch screen tablet-like. Not one laptop...,.this means the laptop is going to die off and desktops will just be big touch screens on stands.
big_tuna2349 • 25 January 2015, 10:29 Show comment
Cool and refreshing!! cool

SirSeedsAlot97.02K • 25 January 2015, 19:27 Show comment
nice touch of mint
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