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Thanks macha..........
2 days
Congratulation mate atleast u bcame a Verified Uploader now we will do some Rock keep it up
generation2257 2 days
You need to Install it.
3 days
just show me in video or send me a image then i will show u mine i tested it personally then up it and also max 1000+ users using it without problem so why u have this moron feeling don't say anything jut give me proof OKAY
5 days
this lic. has been banned now so wait i will find another till wait
6 days
don't worry u can't stop me i m therain u are trying to remove me here since 2yrs but i m still alive
1 week
oops my mistake
2 weeks
2 weeks
in source folder >>$oem% folder there u can del it
2 weeks
yes it will b install automatic
2 weeks here u go for a website with control panel , however its not a complete tutorial but u will learn alot from it.
2 weeks
yaa will try to provide complete tutorial after purchasing DVD from that site
2 weeks
oh yaa will try to provide complete course after purchasing the dvd .
2 weeks
just wait 2 more days
2 weeks
2 weeks
Source Code is in English but the language spoken in the Tutorial is in hindi/urdu .
2 weeks
:) i also didn't mean it i was just suggest you that if u did any mistake so its happen
2 weeks
i will try if get it
THERAIN29.96K 2 weeks
read description then u get this line Medicine : Present its mean there a patch available
3 weeks
yeah i will feel shame on me but bfore u show me any proof about it if u have i not deleted this image from my system i m using it recently in my system ...u give your proof i will give my proof ...true proof
3 weeks
@ i copied your line as u said but i just got russian firefox on the system, does this have anything to do with this "english" windows? i inform u there is no extra software like firefox now about language ..this os totally in english so if u downloaded any russian firefox so it will work with russian but its not my fault that u r facing any russian browser n in last about branding yeah ..i included a oem folder in source folder so if u don't want any branding image so extract iso n del $OEM$ folder then u never get any other branding image like asus gigabite etc
3 weeks
set your time and date in bios so then u will not face this problem
3 weeks
so u mean over 22000 ppl are fool who finished downloading and using it without complain
3 weeks
use driver pack solution
1 month
Thannk u so much mate ..... n same to u
THERAIN29.96K 1 month
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