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comment left on age Hi mate:biggrin:
mmhihi0 20 hours
We try to understand the point: I have nothing against it if you want to use a hammer to kill the flies, but the fact remains that it is not for what it was created.If the song in question did not like it is your right to say it, what instead bothers is the fact that you give a negative opinion on a torrent which has no defect and which keeps its promises. I hope I was clear:smile:
1 day
Sure mate:smile::tongue:
tattoolegend1402 1 day Hi mate:biggrin:
tattoolegend1402 1 day
Thanx to you for request:biggrin:
ash96858.02K 1 day
ash96858.02K 1 day Hi mate:biggrin:
Nowkins541 2 days Hi mate:biggrin:
TheNJNick607 2 days
Hi bro, I hope everything will go for the best:biggrin:. I listen to it now while I upload a bit of torrents
ash96858.02K 2 days Hi mate:biggrin:
WWE7742 3 days Hi mate:biggrin:
Paulie347 3 days
Please you should be a little more specific mate: tell me genre, artist or song:smile:
ash96858.02K 4 days
But why no one ever reads the rules?:cry: The thumb is used to indicate the quality of the torrent and not the fact that you have more or less like the song that you have listened
5 days
ash96858.02K 5 days Hi mate:biggrin:
m0083 5 days Hi mate:biggrin:
ZeGorillaz1201 6 days Hi mate:biggrin:
Programmateur66 6 days Hi Miss:biggrin:
miss.Maira8653 1 week Hi mate:biggrin:
khaledannab159 1 week Hi mate:biggrin:
WhiteCrows197 1 week
ash96858.02K 1 week Hi mate:biggrin:
saqibraza27 1 week
torrent downloaded
Ottimo, grazie:)
1 week
torrent downloaded
ottimo, grazie :)
1 week Hi mate:biggrin:
SteVe29536 1 week
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