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Thanks and Merry Christmas :smile:
Merry Christmas! 21 hours
got it and on my trophie case, thanks and merry xmas :)
Interviewed 21 hours
torrent downloaded
Thanks, merry xmas :)
21 hours
hey sweet bro, I like the new name and avatar :biggrin:
Personal blog about what I have done lately 1 day
ohh yah, added to my nice trophie case of 160. :chuckle::biggrin: Merry Christmas everyone :wave:
2014: Xmas 1 day
Happy Birthday HeadbangerSam Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :wave::biggrin:
22 it is!! 1 day
We all have our opinions on how we see people and this is yours. Thanks for taking the time to make this list and it was a great read. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year H4ckus and everyone :smile::loveliness::wave:
MERRY X'MAS (Love You All) 1 day
aww, and thank you for reading it dear :loveliness::wave::smile:
Personal blog about what I have done lately 2 days
You must have done some hard work to get an SU, congrats.:clap: Its not earned easy. And hope all is well. :wave:
Sk3Tch3R12.09K 4 days
I don't know if that is a compliment or insult but I cannot get a 720p for this and got a 360. The Res is ok and its a great upload. If anyone is not satisfied then go buy it! If you was complimenting then Thank you :)
1 week I been busy as heck and resorting to my mood I get but your always my sweet friend, I will catch up and take care. have a great night and week ahead xx :wave::loveliness::biggrin:
Sk3Tch3R12.09K 1 week Have a great evening and night dear friend :loveliness::loveliness::wave::biggrin:
CATZ5242.93K 1 week Have a wonderful night and week ahead dear friend :loveliness::wave::biggrin:
DundyJoel9464 1 week
right, best I could do.
1 week
lol, good one. :chuckle::biggrin:
OMG The Pirate Bay Is Back... 1 week
great intro blog and welcome all new members :)
Welcome to all new users from Pirate Bay from a Mods perspective 1 week
yah all stereotypes, i don't agree with it either
Prejudice and Stereotypes 1 week
wow, great blog as always coming from you with some good strong words there. Thanks for sharing :clap::clap::biggrin:
Is it Fair ? 1 week
Once again another fine blog pointing out some issues that are being faced around the world. I admire your awareness and standing up for all women where some might feel scared, worried or even unaware of the situation and these topics can shed some light to what is going on and yet can cuz it to form a debatable topic who see things differently. Not just speaking of women but lets talk about something even worse, child marriages, hard fact to hear but girls are forced into marriage before they are even 15 years old. This is a really sick thing to mention but these are young ladies have no right at all to say no and reasons and why and the parents allowing it in these countries and not stopping it makes it even more twisted and disguising. And shame to those parents and men who are involved. Sorry to mention that but when you speak of women with the word consent or saying no then it made me think of this. Thanks for sharing.
A Woman's Right to Say "NO" 1 week
Lemur's Hate Words 1 week
wow, that is superb, cool. this will save alot of people money and stick it to the man :lol:
Mixed thoughts on different topics once again 1 week
who said that? I never mentioned anything about my life not going well. :tongue:
Mixed thoughts on different topics once again 1 week
Amazing log and admire your work, this was an interesting read and I always learn something new here. Thanks for sharing :clap::biggrin:
Lemur's Hate Words 1 week
I dont know much to say about this but im an organ donor and It should be donated and not on the black market for sale. People have to wait years just to get a donated organ and its a bit of a touchy subject but many do not make it because they cant get the donated organ.
Kickass Fight Club --> Round 9 1 week
Did someone say "achievement"? I cant see them. I am getting a blank page at the moment. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
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