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Had a problem with 1 seedbox and my proxy service was slow, thanks for being patient. this is now on 2 of my seedboxes and fast download, thanks :)
2 weeks
Real life comes first before anything else. your health and family is 1st. uploading and encoding is a side hobbie, never feel bad or feel you need to get back to it if your real life is taking a toll. Ignore who complains or block them, thats all. your not a puppet or a servant to peoples demands, they should be happy and thankful they get what they get for free but yet complain and bitch about it. Easy thing to reply back is tell them to do it theirself or go buy it. Anyways, I hope you make a good recovery, best wishes and good luck :smile:
And Then Everything Goes Horribly Wrong 2 weeks
I read the whole thing and its a great writing as always. I know alot of weasels and they are sneaky and fast. Weasel words have a true deep meaning and point made with this one progressive, I didn't know that. I learn something new all the time.:chuckle::biggrin:
Whats That Coming Over the Hill...Is It a Weasel? 2 weeks
Congrats my dear on SM :loveliness::biggrin::clap::clap: have a great night. :wave::sleepy:
zeke23217.35K 3 weeks
Hope you all had a wonderful new years :loveliness:
Happy New Year 2015 3 weeks
hope you and everyone had a great new years :loveliness:
A Very Happy New Year to everyone! 3 weeks
Hope you all had a great new year :loveliness::biggrin:
Happy New Year 2015 To All Of You!! 3 weeks
lol, number 1 would be bad, it is sooooooo cold here in the states and we got more snow today. :dizzy::chuckle: all are a good one, great read :lol:
HOW to Be a Dick This Summer 3 weeks
Very nice, thanks for sharing it :clap:
Sphinctone's New Years Celebration,2015! 3 weeks
torrent downloaded
This was nice to watch, thanks :)
3 weeks
Another mind opening blog once again, I try and not be selfish but to some I seem selfish in a different aspect as already mentioned there are different levels of selfishness. Mine would be not devoting time to others when I am being selfish in what I do that is not even important. Then when I try and devote time to certain people they are busy. This is the selfishness I lack at. But being selfish in any area can result in bad karma or the saying "what comes around, goes around." I am very generous in other areas as giving and helping and being supportive to people I know and care about. Great blog and I hope you had a wonderful new year :loveliness::biggrin:
Selfless/Selfish 3 weeks
Welcome to the blogroll :smile:
My World, Me and KAT 3 weeks
Who knows why, nearly half of my downvotes are for no reason and I know that for a fact. After so many, you just start to not get bothered by it and meh whatever. But your upvotes dramatically outweigh the downvotes. Just know you are a good uploader and people love your work, dont let those downvoters get to you :)
It's not looking good 3 weeks
what a surprise blog.:lol: Missionary position :biggrin:
What is your favorite position? 3 weeks
we all went through that moment of what is this and what is that, even tell today i am still learning new things. Im slow sometimes, lol. :chuckle: overall this was a great blog and thanks for posting it, nice read :clap::biggrin:
Dawnstars first Blog Hosted by analogkid6103 3 weeks
american girls are hot too and good dancers :)
The World through Kiwi Eyes 3 weeks
I didnt make any resolutions cuz i know i prolly wont stick to it. But also because its a new year but same old story with me, just a new year. Another year of the same routines. I hope everyone stuck with resolutions if any were made and still having a great start to the new year. Great blog once again MP :clap::biggrin:
The art of unmaking resolutions 3 weeks
Welcome to the blogroll first and really neat crafts, I hope and wish you success.:biggrin:
My crafts / mis artesanĂ­as 3 weeks
Outstanding writing, just now catching u and enjoyed the read once again :biggrin:
The Lemur Declares 'Open Season' on Weasels 3 weeks
Loved it and the pics fit perfect :clap::biggrin:
The Activist's Mantra (with Pictures!) 3 weeks
Agreed with others and I knew things would start getting more intense being number 1. More downloaders, requests, fake upload attempts, spammers, non stop intro and threads that need to be checked, more uploader requests, more, more and more of everything. combining all the 2 big site members into one is overwhelming but welcomed with open arms, respect and help. uploaders need to make sure they seed good or the complaints will pour in. tpb members didnt hold back, they say how it is in the torrent comments, lol. some i thought was harsh and some i thought was funny "not insulting, just funny or sarcastic comments." either way its all good :biggrin:
Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015 3 weeks
Congrats zeke23 :biggrin::clap:
Moderator of the Year - 2014 3 weeks
Congrats Mr.Gooner :biggrin::clap::clap:
Staff of the Year - 2014 3 weeks
sorry, I dont have the newest updates, you can either wait for another uploader to get updates or simply buy it, its only 20 bucks right now :)
4 weeks
Another great intro and movie review blog. Will check these out on my list of movies to see, thanks for sharing.:biggrin:
Take Me To The River, Wash Me In The Water, Watch A Bunch Of Movies 1 month
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